Short Term Hopes

1. That my niece has an easy transition to her new school.  She is going from a class of 12 to a classroom of 30+.

2. That my little sis has a decent week leading up to her birthday bash, and that said bash is truly fun for her.

3. That my friend’s bronchitis does not get in the way of her celebrating her birthday tomorrow.

4. That my attitude at work is a little more productive this week.

5. That my friend’s job would finally settle down so she could have a little more time for herself.  She deserves some of that.

6. That my friend would get what he deserves and find a good position at a company worthy of his talents.

7. That all my friends would find rays of happiness in their days no matter what they are facing.

8.  That my big sis would understand that I really think she is a winner all the time.

9. That I find patience and self-control, at least for a week.

10. That Mom and Dad stay in good health, at least for a few more years!

11.  That Dad continues to be able to work as long as possible, because it makes him feel good.

12.  That Mom understands that she has done a good job raising us, even if sometimes we falter.

13.  That exercise and eating right continue to be a trend in my life.

14. That somehow, someway, the political climate finds equilibrium. (Probably the longest shot on this list!)

15.  That more people I know unplug from cable/satellite TV.

16.  That those to whom I no longer communicate still know I think of them and wish them well.

17.  That I win the lottery. Seriously.  How cool would that be?

18.  That I keep successfully working to get my finances in a bit of order.

19.  That the Blue Heron Consort really has a concert this season.  I am itching to sing with them again, badly!

20.  That my journey of faith keeps moving in a positive direction.


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