I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and believe that any of the poetry I write here has concrete reality connected to it.  Of course, there are connections with my emotions, but my poetry is really like public therapy.  It allows me to share my hopes and desires.  No, I am not currently caught up in a wild love affair.  Although that would be wonderful, that is not what is happening. My poetry is an outlet for the unbridled romanticism that in the past has overwhelmed anyone on whom I showed any affection.  And maybe some of you enjoy some of it.  That would be a nice benefit.

The reality of my real-life situation is that it is complicated and ambiguous.  While she is wonderful and a good influence on me, there are circumstances out of my control and an almost complete lack of knowledge of what she is really thinking.  That information is not being withheld purposely, but is the result of far too few opportunities to speak honestly in depth.  And I am notoriously block-headed when it comes to anything subtle, so I am sure I have missed myriad clues from her.  There is definitely chemistry, which is a new and stunning experience for me, actually.  Whatever happens is going to take time.  And, as we have already established, patience is not a strength of mine.  So I struggle, and express my wants, wishes and dreams here.  And you lucky folks get to wade through the strangeness that is my head and heart, which so often oppose each other.


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