Put your hand there.  Do you feel that?

No?  You can’t feel that trembling?

But, I need you to feel that.

No.  No, I can’t describe it, it’s not the same –

Words can’t tell you what this is, what this feels like.

I don’t want to try, it won’t make sense.

Stop it and just put your hand there again, please.

Do you feel how hot that is?

Why can’t you?  I don’t understand.

I can’t make you understand, either.

Isn’t it obvious?  It feels obvious.

Will you stop trying to make me tell you about it, there is nothing to say.

If it was that easy I would do it.

Is there any way to get through to you?

Just give me your hand.

You’re kidding.  Nothing?  No jolt?

But it’s there.  It is!  I’m not going crazy.

I just need you to know.  Just know.  Just know.

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About bgm1969

This blog is updated by a guy who’s overweight, silly, Liberal, spiritual rather than religious, infatuated with beauty and grace, musically blessed, and always changing.

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