Wish List

If I had strong arms, would I lift her up in them so that she would never have to work? Or would I help her clear the path before her?

If I were handsome, would I turn all the forces of physical attraction toward her to draw her closer? Or would I find the wisdom to understand that it is our hearts and souls that bring us together?

If I had wealth, would I buy her all that she could desire? Or would I live comfortably with her and find true wealth in giving to others?

If I had ambition, would I seek my fame and fortune and lay it at her feet? Or would I long for her to stand beside me and share it?

If I had power, would I marshal the world to deliver itself to her? Or would I find those in need and tend to them with her?

These questions are dreams and unanswered riddles, for I have none of these traits. And how can one so unadorned be hopeful to dwell in the heart of one so truly beautiful?

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About bgm1969

This blog is updated by a guy who’s overweight, silly, Liberal, spiritual rather than religious, infatuated with beauty and grace, musically blessed, and always changing.

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