Yard Work

Yes, yard work can be fun and rewarding.  The thing is, it’s most fun when it’s not your yard.  Once again was helping a friend with her yard, and it will truly stun anyone who knows me how rewarding I found it.  The sense of accomplishment that occurs when you clear off weeds and turn and see how clean everything looks is really a unique feeling.  And, when you are doing it to help someone else (okay, and maybe impress them a little *blush*), it seems so much the opposite of “work”.  I worked up a very healthy sweat and got bit by bugs and now smell somewhere south of awful, but I can’t help but feel really, really good right now.

The thing is, up to this point in my life, I HATED doing anything connected to yard work.  It always seemed so futile, so boring.  But in the past year, I have found importance in the wonderful details of life and my surroundings.  Sure, my motivation ebbs and flows like it always has, but there is more joy for me in some of the tasks that I used to find un-enjoyable.  Oh dear me… am I finally (gulp!) maturing???  ‘Bout time!!

Sure beats sitting in front of a computer screen all evening.  At least for today.  Because that is the other reason this kind of yard work is easier than tending to your own… you know it will end.  The work I am doing now may not have to be repeated until later this fall and possibly not until next spring.  And helping someone you enjoy being around really makes for an easier task.

So if you happen to be a lazy oaf like me, find a good friend or maybe a neighbor you like, get your grubby clothes and a good pair of work gloves, and reconnect with the earth.  Believe me, it is worth it!


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