Wednesday’s Roller Coaster

This may seem quite bizarre, but over time I have noticed that my mood and, for lack of a better word, my luck, run in a kind of weekly roller coaster.  The thing is, it runs from Wednesday to Wednesday.  Wednesdays are usually not the top of the wave, but how the week has progressed up to that point is a fair barometer of how the rest of the week will unfold.  The thing is, the week usually hits it’s bottom or it’s height just on either side of Wednesday… sometimes Thursday is the bottom, sometimes Tuesday is the top or vice versa.  Sometimes Wednesday is the zenith or nadir.  But Wednesday is always the day that seems to reveal the trend.

Of course, I realize that this is very probably a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Somehow, I arbitrarily chose Wednesday as the week’s barometer day.  It could be that it neatly bisects the week so that it falls into a natural cycle.  But then, why not choose Sunday or Monday.  I can only explain that for some reason Wednesday revealed itself as the pivot day.

Odd, I know.  And probably not as interesting as I think it is.


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