Balancing Act

People seem to always wish they could be someone else.  Maybe they would rather have the looks of a Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johannson, or the wit of Jon Stewart, or the body of a gymnast or UFC fighter.  But these people are a mix of genetics and hard work.  It seems much more reasonable to be proud of who we each are as individuals, to see the special qualities in each of us, and then to keep improving ourselves in small ways.

Change is not a bad thing.  Getting healthy, going for a more flattering hairstyle, making a concerted effort to be more organized… these are all positive changes that still allow us to maintain the core of who we are as individuals.  But change is difficult.  It seems that humans have an instinct for resistance.  Then again, flaws are not always a negative thing.  They are negative if they cause us or others harm, or prevent us from moving forward.  But they also help shape us.  Some people who are impulsive have combined that with ambition and have become “go-getters”.  Others who  have health problems have committed themselves to helping others who may share those problems.

It is difficult to shift your focus and view flaws as potential strengths.  But it can happen.  Of course, it is far easier to let those flaws become weaknesses.  I know I have!  It’s strange how impatience and procrastination can exist so completely independent of each other in one human being.  Maybe I need to find a way to combine them and balance them.

Maybe if we all could find some balance in our lives – in who we are – we could find balance with each other.


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