If I Had a Million Dollars

Although I am not as talented or witty as the Barenaked Ladies, this little thought exercise comes up once in a while especially when a lottery prize gets up there in value.  Tonight, the thought just hit me:  in the event I get hit by lightning twice (the approximate odds of winning a big lottery prize), what would I actually do with the money?

1.  Pay off debts.  All of them, for myself and for my family.  And probably a couple friends who could really use the help.

2.  Buy a reasonably sized house.  I do not need a mansion with marbled halls.  A comfortable Tudor style with a room that has built in shelves to use as a library would be very nice indeed.  And have it furnished accordingly with a big leather chair and a handsome side table.

3.  A theater room would be nice to have as well.

4. Buy my dream car… a Lexus or Audi would be nice.  But I might be just as happy with a new Ford Fusion, instead.

5.  Travel to the many places about which I’ve dreamed of seeing.  And take the time to do it right.

6. Donate funds to build a new music/theater building for my college alma mater, and donate to remodel the theater and music wing of my high school alma mater.

7. Donate a substantial amount of money to a wonderful agency in my hometown that provides services for people who are developmentally disabled.

8. Every Christmas, be one of those secret Santas who gives away money to people and ask them to pay it forward.

9. Set up a foundation to aid agencies and people in need.  I don’t know if I would want to limit its scope, at least initially. It would be wonderful to be able to do that as my life’s work.

10.  Start a professional choir using local talent, focusing primarily on Renaissance music, but with the flexibility to sing many genres.

11.  Hire a personal trainer to motivate me to exercise and hire a chef to cook healthy meals for me.


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