July 30, 2011

How do you tell someone that, if given a choice, you’d like to spend every moment possible with them?  Of course, you can just blurt it out and come off as some kind of desperate eccentric.  But there is no easy or tried and true way to subtly, but accurately, convey that desire.  It’s painfully obvious that I am not skilled at this particular dance.

There are other things that add complexity to this. A small town is a difficult place to start over, because people will talk.  Like Bonnie Raitt, I am tempted to just give them something to talk about, but it is not my reputation at stake.  It is a difficult thing to ask someone to not worry about what others might say or think.   Especially when that person is so open and giving already.

Nothing worth having comes easily, of course.  And Lord knows patience has never been easy for me.


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