Fantasia on a Theme

The bows gracefully thread the needle of each note head

As a slow somber music radiates from deep inside each instrument

The cello and bass pull underneath like a guiding current

Until the swell of violas and violins crashes willfully upon the rocks

Only to draw back and once again begin their purposeful ascent.

Off in the distance like a soft breeze a new idea floats nearer

Caught reluctantly in the tide it struggles to be heard

And like all worthy things is best found in the silences.

A stirring, as if the leaves of a tree caught the breeze just so for a moment

The lone violin trades longing sighs with the cello

A back and forth punctuated with a Greek chorus of strings

The clouds slowly pile upon the horizon, beckoning attention.

Storms begin to swirl beyond the edge of the sea and the surface begins to roil

Every measure is a gust, a gale, and every phrase a wave building, cresting,

Feel it within your heart, not as a beat, but as a flow

Forward again toward the shore, rising plaintively


A slow languishing denouement leaves us standing alone here on the beach

Catching our breath in the sunset.

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About bgm1969

This blog is updated by a guy who’s overweight, silly, Liberal, spiritual rather than religious, infatuated with beauty and grace, musically blessed, and always changing.

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