Writer’s Block

Ugh… at a point in time when I have the time to write, it’s quite torturous not having the inspiration to write.  Just re-read my little Grover Norquist post and it’s not very good.  It gets a point across, but it’s cumbersome, half-hearted and distractingly unfocused.

The same thing is happening with music.  I have not been inspired to compose in a long time.  Tried stepping back into it and came up really short of anything that I would even think of beginning to develop.  There are different schools of thought on how to overcome an artistic block.  Some say power on through.  Just write, or compose, or paint and somehow, something will fit and make sense and set you off on a creative bent.   Others say to take a break, that blocks like this happen and you just have to let inspiration take its own sweet time.

Well, here I am.  Writing… but waiting.  It’s not as if  there are not inspiring things around me: a beautiful summer in a beautiful part of the country, a wonderful person upon whom to focus romantic verse, good music, good friends, art, an interesting book I’m reading… but somehow, I am struggling to find the words.  Struggling to piece together coherent thoughts.  Struggling to find the spark.

Until it’s found, thank you dear readers, for stumbling through this with me.


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