Playsets and Phone Calls

It feels so good to make a four-year old smile.  Helped a friend put up a playset for her daughter.  I can be a little handy when the need arises, but it sure helps when someone is there who is even handier.  And when he is young and agile as well.  My expertise lies in holding things in place and driving the occasional screw and bolt.  And navigating poorly written instructions – hard to believe someone gets paid to develop such a travesty.  Anyway, good sweat and good work and a happy little girl.

And then the phone call.  Bliss.  Truly.  The kind of phone call where you have been talking for forty-five minutes and it feels like only five have passed.  And this reaction is coming from someone who is very reluctant to talk on the phone.  But, when the person on the other end is interesting, and funny, and makes you feel interesting and funny… it’s a very positive feeling.

Tonight my head will lay on my pillow and sleep soundly.  This weekend… Harry Potter.


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