The Plaster is Falling in My Brain

  • I may seem laid back, but I am a terribly impatient person… to a fault.
  • The definition of the word procrastinate should simply show my picture.
  • When I do get a hankering to get something done, it does.
  • I used to hate broccoli.  Now I eat it.  I used to love eggnog.  Now I can’t stand it.
  • I really do care what people think about me and feel bad when someone does not like me.  But I still do what I do.
  • Whoever invented jeans and a t-shirt is my personal style hero. Whoever invented flip flops, is not.
  • I have revealed more about who I am in the last few months on this blog than I have in the preceding 41 years.
  • When it comes to travel, I talk a good game, but don’t go anywhere.
  • Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above… and it almost certainly will end up overgrown with weeds.
  • When I was a kid, being outside was awesome. What happened to me?
  • If there is something I am really excited about, I try and think about it going completely awry in order to balance myself.
  • Sometimes, the simplest details just amaze me.  But no one will ever mistake me as a detail-oriented person.
  • My favorite number is 7 and my favorite letter is B
  • I have not had surgery since my eye surgery when I was one.  No broken bones, no stitches.  I am either exceedingly lucky, or I take almost no risks.
  • In High School, I thought I was fat.  Now, I would love to be that weight again.
  • If I could meet anyone in time, it would be Albert Einstein.  I imagine he would be hilarious as well as staggeringly interesting.
  • My sense of humor is just fine.  Yours probably needs a little work.
  • ‘Fungi’ is a great word.  So is ‘conglomeration’. And ‘fiduciary’.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is a terrible actor, but Conan the Barbarian is a fantastic movie.  Go figure.
  • I once drank over a half bottle of whiskey and then threw up in a dumpster.  I still drink whiskey on occasion, but avoid dumpsters.
  • I used to sing every day.  Now I don’t, and my voice is all the worse for it.
  • There have been many times I wish I had taken shop classes in high school.  That kind of knowledge would have come in handy.

6 thoughts on “The Plaster is Falling in My Brain

  1. – I wonder why the distance between “care” and “do something about it” seems to be so vast? Not just for you – for most of us.
    – Flip-flops are vile, especially when they’re going down stairs. One of my least favorite noises ever.
    – I also used to love being outside. Now it seems so hot, or buggy, or cold, or snowy, or…something. Whiny, maybe.
    – 7 is tops for me, too. I like “R”.
    – I never thought about my weight in high school. I was probably a little on the thin side, but not so’s you’d notice. Now I’m a monster by comparison and I’d kill for, if not that body, at least that insouciance.
    – A little singing every day might be a very good change to implement…. Just sayin’.
    – I sometimes wish that the elective crap that we took had been not so elective, that we’d been herded into something a little more useful instead. “How to keep your nose to the grindstone through the heady first months of college so you don’t immediately lose your scholarship”, for instance. Or “Identifying terrible potential boyfriends”, which would obviously be a multiple-semester course. You’re right, though, that shop would have been good, too.

    • There are so many levels of awesomeness in you and in your feedback, Amy! And anyone who can correctly utilize insouciance is way more interesting than any one person deserves to be.

      • However awesome, I still lost my Presidential scholarship after one quarter (ONE quarter!) and still have no skill at identifying terrible potential boyfriends… You sweet talker, you. 🙂

  2. Ok, those two things did make me laugh loudly, I admit. But mainly because they are so universal. I think the problem with potential boyfriends is the fact that they’re male. We are some really messed up people.

  3. hmmm I will avoid bullets, I find them…passive agressive. I now use fiducials on a daily basis but agree with Mark that one of the funniest non-dirty words in the dictionary is turtle. I remember the whiskey night, do not do that again, ever…however I also remember Torun Evje (?) and that would have made it worth, also, do nto kiss me to impress a girl ever again. I have never written a blog and have been encouraged, I would do it if i could figure out that best way to make money at it…Men are asses, the sooner everyone realizes that the sooner you can embrace their shortcomings and learn to cope…Expect less, be surprised more…

    Most importantly me dear old all too infrequently seen friend…Remember the lesson of Master Oogway…”yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift which is why it is called the present”

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