Open Letter to a Horrible Band

Just because you really like a song does not mean your band should cover it.  I’m talking to you Quietdrive, and the travesty that is your vomit-inducing cover of the classic Cyndi Lauper gem, “Time After Time”.  Your cover of that song is everything that the original is not… and that is not a good thing.  Your rabidly excruciating version of this song makes me want to drive into oncoming traffic.  A good cover should either pay tribute to the excellence of the original, or re-invent it.  What you did to this gorgeous song was unforgivable… you made it unlistenable.

The original was full of pain and longing, sparsely arranged and carried almost completely by Cyndi Lauper’s singular voice.  It was damn near a perfect song.  The Quietdrive version is a neo-Emo, over-produced, over-guitared, middle-of-the-road, vanilla voiced bag of donkey crap.  Who in the room when you were recording this steaming pile of lameness actually said, “Yeah, that’s awesome.”  That person needs to be dropped into a deep karma canyon.  And your band?  You need to be condemned to the Holy Halls of Rock Valhalla where the true gods of rock can use your bones as accessories for their exceeding badass-ness.

As for the idiotic college radio DJ who foisted this hot mess upon my ears, you need to turn in your tragically hip credentials at the door and never, ever darken my radio again.

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