Happy 235th Birthday to You!

It’s the Fourth of July.  So what do I like about living here in the USA?

I can write and say what I want almost completely free of any censorship.

I get to vote.

This is a really, really, really beautiful country.

I get to move wherever I wish and travel at will.

The roads get plowed in winter and maintained the rest of the year.

There is great music here.

I can discuss politics and religion openly.

You can choose to live just about any way you wish.

We are allowed to criticize,berate, cajole, praise or vilify the government even if we don’t participate in it.

People I do not agree with are allowed to speak their minds, and so am I.

If I want to drop off the grid, I can.

American Football and Jazz Music.

And, in the interest of honesty, some things that aren’t so great…

People are forced to go bankrupt when they need medical care.

We don’t care enough for our most vulnerable.

As soon as most politicians take office, they begin running for re-election.

The politicians who start really working for the greater good are far outnumbered by those above.

We have forgotten that the government… is us.

We have a misguided superiority complex that has undermined our credibility around the world.

You have to be wealthy to run for President. Really.

The people who rage about entitlements are usually the ones who benefit most from their sense of entitlement.

There are only two viable political parties.

So reflect on all the wonderful things about the United States of America this Fourth of July and consider the ways we can become even better.


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