Dream – 6/28/11

This morning I had a very vivid dream, and since I can actually recall this one, I’m going to post it for no reason other than to share it.  It’s pretty mundane, really, but was full of emotion and vague memory triggers.

Downtown Winona, but it wasn’t, because it was a wide open plaza flanked with taller buildings.  Walked down some steps and entered an underground “mall” system.  One large room was filling up for a banquet or meeting of employees of Merchants Bank.  Why?  I don’t know.  Kept walking to a set of stairs and frosted glass “push-pull” doors.  Someone I know but who does not know me came through the doors.  Went upstairs and was in a “skyway” system. Walked over to an upscale grocery store with a black counter at the entrance.  There were myriad exotic cheese set out for tasting.  As I tasted, someone brushed against me and gently held my hand for a moment.  It was a woman, short black hair, with a very continental air about her.  These are good aren’t they? she asked.  Yes, I said, I especially like this one.  We talked unintelligibly for a while and continued tasting cheeses, sometimes hand-in-hand.

Like I said, very mundane.  But it just left me with an extremely pleasant feeling when it was over.  I have no idea if there is any meaning in it, or any meaning in what I recalled, but there it is.  Maybe some of my dear readers can help me decode this, or assure me that it is simply a nice little dream.


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