There are a number of things over the last day that have caused me to place anything I may be experiencing in perspective:

  • My parent’s neighbors lost their 37 year old son suddenly.  His wife found him gurgling in the bathroom, but she was too late to save him.  He left two children behind.
  • Michelle Obama gave a speech in South Africa.  Nothing that I may encounter can compare to the struggles that country has experienced over the past 50 years.
  • Over 12,000 people are being evacuated from their homes in Minot, ND.  Some may not be able to return for 6-8 weeks.
  • A friend from college has accepted a job all the way across the country.  She moves in a month.  Such excitement and upheaval!
  • I am friends with at least 20 single parents.  The dedication and patience it takes to raise children on your own is humbling and awe inspiring.  But most of them don’t feel they are doing anything remarkable – they just do what needs to be done.

Staying connected with the community of human beings allows us to understand how and where we might fit.  That’s why it stuns me when politicians, preachers, and pundits put such high value on the cult of selfishness and personal gain.  They pander to the basest of our instincts – self-preservation and greed – when it is obvious that the best way to make life better for everyone is to help each other and support each other.  “As you do to the least of these…”


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