The Ongoing Cult of Public Apology

I am terribly disheartened today because Rep. Anthony Weiner has come out and admitted he has sent sexually explicit photos to women he has met online.  This is a congressman who has stood up for legislation that I considered important, so this is really a blow.  I could honestly not care less about the John Edwards saga, as I never felt he was anything more than a snake oil salesman.  But Weiner had really started becoming a rising star by supporting a number of Progressive causes.

Listen, we are all human beings, we all have faults and flaws, and expecting our politicians to not share that commonality of all human beings is asking a bit much.  However, the thing that has me so crestfallen is that he could have easily told the truth as soon as this came out.  And I speak from experience that lying is a terrible option.

So now, we have Andrew Breitbart, the paragon of character assassination, actually assuming the moral high ground.  He would have been just a footnote if Weiner had admitted the truth from day one.  I believe that attack dogs like Breibart are nothing but “gun for hire” muckrakers and will stop at nothing to besmirch any ideology with which they do not agree.  So, why did Weiner give Breitbart a golden opportunity to be the “good guy”?  An opportunity which the amoral Breitbart naturally fumbled by hijacking the beginning of Weiner’s press conference and exposing himself as the grandstanding self-promoter he obviously is.

If Weiner was “handled” by his staff, then they are completely incompetent.  If it was his call to deny, deny and then cry, then he should resign.  Either way, handing a “victory” to Andrew Breitbart prolongs the politics of distraction that have allowed the extremism of Tea Party Conservatives to run roughshod over a great country.

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