Why Write?

This blog has become a lot more self-centered than initially intended.  It’s become a place to find catharsis and also acts as a mode of expression.  Hopefully, while perusing the inner workings of what can only be described as a very odd person, you might find something that applies to your life, or something that inspires you, or something that depresses you, or something that makes you shrug and move on.  It would be ridiculous to say that I write without an audience in mind.  But, there is also a balance, as there is a very real therapy to be found by writing honestly and with few filters, even with the knowledge that other people will read it.

One thing that has struck me, is that I have tried to reduce my use of the personal pronoun “I”.  With something so raw and dealing with emotion, it is very easy to fall into the habit of using that pronoun excessively.  Sometimes, I go to great lengths to avoid it – maintaining the thought, but revising the structure.  Hopefully, it has helped my writing mature a little.

There seems to have been plenty of inspiration to write lately – maybe it’s the onset of summer.  Even though school is a distant memory, it seems my body and mind still react to it’s cycles, like some ingrained circadian rhythm.

Infatuation and attraction is a major inspiration as well.  Find me someone on whom to lavish romanticized verse and I’m like a kid in a candy store.  What else is there to be offered to a beautiful woman by an overweight, mid-aged, underachieving procrastinator with very poor credit, bad teeth and an old car?  I am addicted to romanticism (well, at least romanticizing others – concerning myself, I remain a steadfast pessimist).  Seriously.  Probably an addiction to infatuation as well.

It is only fair to thank you, the reader, who has arrived here either by choice or by chance, for indulging me and taking time out of your day to linger here, even for a moment.  If you did not read, there would be little reason to write.

Thank you.


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