Revelations… on a small scale

Some things you may not know about me…

1. I fell over backwards during my Confirmation in front of about 300 people.  It was hilarious.

2. I have never broken any bones.

3.  I do not fear heights, but I have a debilitating fear of climbing ladders or being up high on a small platform.

4. I did not go to my HS Prom.

5. My family has a history of having grandparents living with our family in the same house.  It’s something I value and treasure.

6. I have two nieces and one nephew. If I was half the person each of them is, I’d be fantastic.

7. If I could go back in time and meet one person, it would be my Uncle Gil.

8.  Whenever I see myself in a mirror, I experience some serious cognitive dissonance, as I perceive myself as WAY better looking.

9.  Hugging is one of the great joys of life.  The other is kissing.

10. Sometimes, I wish I would have followed my dreams as a kid and become an oceanographer.

11.  I once very seriously considered becoming a Lutheran minister.

12.  Iowa was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I think the Quad Cities are great.

13. Sometimes, I have doubted the existence of God.

14. Is it just me or is the pursuit more thrilling than the catch?

15. I am not a big fan of rhyming poetry.  Probably because there are too many hack poets.

16.  I often wonder if I shouldn’t have just gone to NYC and tried to become an actor.  I might have failed miserably, but it is the one thing that I think I actually do pretty well.

17.  If I could instantly change one physical thing about myself, it would be my teeth.

18. If I could change one non-physical thing about me it would be my lack of commitment.

19. Want to get me really talking?  Ask me about politics or religion, the two things you are never supposed to talk about in polite company.

20. I wish I was as smart as I was when I was in school (Elem, MS, HS).  I don’t know when I lost my way.

21.  In the last couple years, I too often find myself unable to think of the word I want to say when talking, and it scares me.


4 thoughts on “Revelations… on a small scale

  1. #4: neither did I! 🙂
    #8: I’m starting to think that the world is made up of people like us, who feel this way, and people who feel *exactly* the opposite – which creeps me out a little
    #9: I would add, for my own list, hand-holding and having my hair washed (or, if we need this to be the rated G version, just stroked) by someone other than me
    #12: circumstances have recently led me to believe otherwise…
    #15: sorry, again, about April 8)
    #16: yes Yes YES
    #20: no less smart, just a larger pond in which to be swimming
    #21: that could be a sign of an incredibly large vocabulary..

  2. #9 – Ah, hand holding. What is it about the electricity that comes from that initial touch? If we could only harness that… And showering or bathing together is another source of goodness. Tactile responses are obviously key here.
    #15 – Of course, the converse of my stance is, if someone writes a rhyming poem that works for me, it is really a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, just way too many crappy poems that rhyme.
    #20 and 21 – No, I don’t feel less smart because of the genius of others. I tend to stand in awe rather than feel diminished when encountering a superior intellect. I just feel less smart because I have lost some of that thirst, or drive, or whatever was motivating me as a kid. And it’s simple words that I forget more often than challenging words. So is that a good thing?

  3. There is a theme here: the transitions (some regrettable, some less so) from childhood to maturity. Children receive more incidental touches than we adults do, so we tend to take for granted the great value of another person’s hand in our own until it is so rare as to be treasured. Some of my best friends are great huggers (and even better friends are even better kissers, but that’s another story altogether…), and not just because they’re great huggers–because they are generous souls, the sorts of people who give, and who enjoy feeling.
    I also tend to avoid rhyming poetry. Dr. Seuss and William Shakespeare are two great loves of my life, and I don’t know that anyone else will ever come close. I didn’t start to love them *because* they rhymed, of course.
    As adults (particularly our regional version), I think we’re conditioned to play down the ‘pointlessness’ of thirsting for knowledge, in favor of getting ahead financially or competitively in terms of a career (blegh). One of my greatest skills in school was nomenclature in science; I was fast and perfectly accurate. There is, however, absolutely no practical application for such a skill in my current life, so that part of my brain has atrophied to a raisin. Sad? Maybe. Practical? Definitely. I’d rather retain words like “nomenclature” and “atrophied” and forget how to name H2O2, since I don’t need to do it anymore.

    And anyway, writing is an awfully good way of keeping words closer to the surface, so you’re helping yourself – and entertaining & informing at the same time. 🙂

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