Stumbling in an Internet-ish way

I have re-discovered the intensely addicting add-on for Firefox called StumbleUpon.  What it does is semi-randomly direct you to web pages.  I say semi-randomly because it allows you to indicate whether you like or do not like whatever site you land upon.  Since submerging myself in the unfathomable depths of StumbleUpon, I have discovered a couple really nice online music pattern generators, a number of awesome or near-awesome recipes I am determined to attempt (including a strawberry margarita Jell-O shot that looks cool and probably taste even cooler), a list of inventions by Benjamin Franklin (the guy was amazing!), a whole slew of sites concerning the solar system and some very cool astronomy animations, some new Internet radio stations, a couple arguably racist anti-Obama sites (ick!), hordes of art sites, a great video of Bobby McFerrin getting an audience of scientific types to make music using the Pentatonic scale and a theory of expectations, some less-than-inspiring blogs (someone will probably stumble upon mine and feel the same, I imagine), interactive maps of every sort, a number of music mapping programs that help you find music similar to what you already like, optical illusions galore, a very interesting post by Marilyn Manson concerning the events at Columbine High School back in 1999, a bunch of stuff that people post because they think it’s funny but it’s not, and even more posts that are actually funny, and a bunch of sites that stream complete documentaries.

I thought about posting all the cool stuff I found, but then I realized that the fun was in the discovery. So, please, go out and discover, expand your experience, and maybe you will find some things that re-affirm your faith in yourself and in humans.


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